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A movement in Italian art from about 1520 to 1600. Developing out of the Renaissance, Mannerism rejected Renaissance balance and harmony in favor of emotional intensity and ambiguity. In Mannerist painting, this was expressed mainly through severe distortions of perspective and scale; complex and crowded compositions; strong, sometimes harsh or discordant colors; and elongated figures in exaggerated poses. In architecture, there was a playful exaggeration of Renaissance forms (largely in scale and proportion) and the greater use of bizarre decoration. Mannerism gave way to the Baroque. Leading Mannerists include Pontormo, Bronzino, Parmigianino, El Greco and Tintoretto.  

I have realized this web site to give the possibility to the people to know my art, and way of drawing.

I am keen on classical art which looks for other people who share my same love.

The choice of the mannerism, as pictorial current was born of my passion for history and that period which will be the Renaissance moment of Socioculturale evolution.

I frequented the art academy for 3 years specializing (beginnings of '500, last decade of the XVI century) in the Mannerism period.

PS. The painting is a hobby of mine, which I as others, do only for passion, when I feel of Farlo and without no tie. If you want we can speak ! Please Write to me...  info@sandroart.it .

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